On 16 July 2021, the Ministry of Health updated the "Procedure of action for occupational risk prevention services against exposure to SARS-CoV-2". See the document attached here.

The update concerns Section 6.7, which deals with close contacts, specifically in relation to vaccinated employees and possible exemptions from quarantine.

From 19 July, as a general rule, employees who have received a full vaccination schedule and who are considered close contacts will be exempted from quarantine if they use appropriate PPE.

Preferably, this will be followed up with PCR testing or, if this is not possible, with another test for Covid-19 infection. Ideally two tests will be performed, one when they are first identified as a close contact, and one around 7 days later.

They will also be instructed to wear masks when interacting with co-workers, not to attend mass events, and to look out for possible Covid-19 symptoms.

Due to the increased risk associated with certain cases, there are 3 exceptional situations in which fully vaccinated contacts will be quarantined:

  • Contacts of cases linked to infections caused by the Beta and Gamma variant.
  • Persons with immunosuppression.
  • Contacts of those cases where transmission from mink is suspected.