Dublin's Circuit Criminal Court has handed down a nine-month suspended sentence to Bernard Byrne, a former representative of the Citroën Car Dealers Association, for his role in a price-fixing cartel. Byrne, 47, was sentenced after pleading guilty to fixing the sale price of Citroën cars between 2000 and 2002. He was also fined €2,000, while his former company, Finglas Motors, received a €35,000 fine.  

As the Dublin representative of the association and sales director of Finglas Motors, Byrne was party to the setting of an illegal minimum resale price among the association's members. The minimum prices were enforced by imposing fines on dealers that didn not comply. Individuals involved in cartel behaviour in Ireland face prison sentences of up to five years, and personal fines of up to €4 million. Several other directors have already been sentenced for their roles in the cartel and all have received suspended sentences.