The District of Columbia Department of Employment Services has announced the Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act will become effective on February 26, 2015. 

The Act makes sweeping changes to D.C.’s wage and hour laws, greatly increasing employer obligations, penalties, and liability and creating a cumbersome administrative hearing process. Most significant for many employers are the enhanced precise timekeeping and wage statement requirements for all employees — including exempt employees. (For details, see our article, Amended D.C. Wage Theft Prevention Act Adds Employer Obligations and Onerous Penalties for Violations.)

The effective date is still subject to change. Once the law goes into effect, employers are required to give employees a written notice of their wages. The Mayor is to provide employers with a template of this notice within 60 days of the Act’s effective date. Employers are required to issue the written notice to each employee within 90 days of the Act’s effective date.

The Act also requires employers to post a copy or summary of the Act on the employer’s premises. The Mayor’s office is to provide employers with this within 60 days of the Act’s effective date as well.

The Act makes significant changes to both employer liability and the administrative law process. Employers with a workforce in D.C. should review and revise their policies and practices to ensure they are compliant with the revised law. We will continue to monitor the Act’s status and report any further information.