Name: agreement for the prohibition to use and distribute single-use plastic bags in their different presentations, shapes and designs, plastic straws in their different presentations, shapes and designs, including disposable plastic mixers or agitators and plastic or expanded polystyrene (duroport) containers for storage and transfer of food, in its different presentations, shapes and designs.

Summary: The Governmental Agreement prohibits the use and distribution of single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, disposable plastic cups and plates, disposable plastic mixers or agitators, plastic or duroport containers, irrespective of their form or design. The Municipalities are allowed to broaden the prohibition.

Any person who utilizes the products aforementioned, have 2 years from the effective date to substitute them for compostable products, in accordance with the norm UNE-EN-13432[1] of the European Union and with the availability of the compostable products in the national market.

The Governmental Agreement indicates the following exceptions to the general prohibition: 1) materials or supplies for medical or therapeutic purposes; and 2) imported products that are already factory sealed with plastic or duroport.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources must include in its resolutions the prohibition as a compromise towards the environment of the persons that present projects, works, industries or activities.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources must also verify the compliance of the Governmental Agreement, advise and train the persons for its compliance and apply the sanctions for non-compliance contained in the “Ley de Protección y Mejoramiento del Medio Ambiente” (Law for the Protection and Improvement of the Environment).