Following its Consultation "Telephone Numbering: Proposed modifications to the National Telephone Plan, General Condition 17 and telephone number application forms within existing numbering policy" dated 26 July 2012 ("July Consultation") Ofcom has released a statement setting out its approach to modifications in these areas.  Ofcom considers that it is necessary to make a number of changes in the above areas to ensure that the relevant documents are clear, accurate, accessible and reflect current numbering policy.  The changes are as follows, and in no way change Ofcom's numbering policy:

  • creating a single reference point for communications providers in relation to numbering ranges and their restrictions;  
  • making compliance with the Numbering Plan and other numbering restrictions simpler;
  • clarifying and removing duplication within the Numbering plan;  
  • deleting obsolete references, removing redundant text and duplication, correcting textual errors and making other minor drafting changes; and
  • making minor consequential amendments to the Numbering Application Forms.

The changes made by Ofcom broadly reflect those set out in the July Consultation, subject to some minor changes based on stakeholder responses.