As it continued its campaign to convince federal and state regulators of the harms of the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile USA, Sprint Nextel offered T-Mobile customers an enticement in the form of a $125 service credit to individuals who decide to switch from their current carrier to purchase a Sprint smart phone with a two-year contract. The offer, which runs through June 23, would provide a $175 credit to business customers who purchase any Sprint phone. Basic phone service subscribers would be entitled to a $50 credit. Although the offer applies to customers of any wireless carrier that competes against Sprint, a Sprint spokesman acknowledged that the promotion is intended to target T-Mobile customers who may be leery of the effects of AT&T’s $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile upon their current wireless service. The spokesman also noted that the credit is intended to “give customers a chance to try Sprint without having to worry about fees or charges for terminating their contracts with their current carriers.” To qualify for a service credit, prospective customers must transfer their service from an existing contract on a rival carrier network, sign up for a two-year Sprint contract, and remain active on the Sprint network for at least 61 days. New Sprint subscribers who fulfill these conditions will receive their service credit within two months. Sprint will also credit early termination fees for new Sprint customers who decide to switch back to T-Mobile if the AT&T-T-Mobile deal fails to win regulatory approval. Noting that there have been few such examples of a carrier offering a blanket credit to new customers who sign up for any device, one analyst termed Sprint’s move as “a smart and aggressive maneuver to take advantage of. . . T-Mobile’s ‘lame duck’ carrier status.”