This is entry number 81, first published on 7 January 2010, of a blog on the implementation of the Planning Act 2008. Click here for a link to the whole blog.

Today's entry gives news about the Infrastructure Planning Commission's programme of projects.

The Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) is the new independent body that will start receiving applications for nationally significant transport and energy projects from 1 March 2010.

Today it has rejigged its programme of projects (previously reported here when first launched), adding four new projects and giving dates when it expects to receive them.

Here is the full list of projects and dates, with an asterisk for the new projects.

One of the new projects therefore leapfrogs all the others to be the first one planned to be submitted - the Rookery South Waste Combustion Plant. Some of the dates look a little ambitious to me, but we shall see. The IPC will change its project list over time, but this blog entry will remain as a record of the originally anticipated dates.