Earlier this week, the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance published its annual review of best practices for proxy circular disclosure, which includes its list of this year's "Governance Gavel Awards" winners. According to the CCGG, its annual review ultimately aims to demonstrate what shareholders expect from issuer disclosure. Award winners are highlighted as issuers whose practices substantially meet all of the CCGG's Building High Performance Boards and Executive Compensation Principles guidelines, and this year include CN Rail and the TD Bank Financial Group, as well as Manitoba Telecom Services in the small or mid-size issuer category.

The review analyzes a number of real-world examples of corporate governance disclosure provisions that the CCGG considers to be "excellent", including with respect to such topics as majority voting, director nominee profiles, director independence, say on pay, and oversight of strategic planning and risk management. Examples of "excellent" executive compensation disclosure is also provided, including with respect to the linkages between executive compensation and shareholder promise, the effectiveness of the compensation program over time, the use and limits of retirement benefits and perks and the use, policies and limits for discretion.