Executives of 15 European telcos gathered at the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association CEO Summit told policy makers that, as a consequence of ongoing difficulties that have impacted financial markets worldwide, regulation of carrier operations must be limited to preserve incentives to invest in fiber-based network technology. In a joint declaration, the executives called on Europe’s national telecom regulators to adopt a “clear strategy” to encourage investment in high-speed broadband networks, especially during times of market uncertainty. Complaining that the European Union’s (EU’s) current regulatory regime “delays and hinders large scale investment in new fiber networks” and that the EU telecom sector “is already characterized by a very high density of ex-ante regulation,” the executives warned: “if regulatory policy continues to constantly focus on pushing prices down, even more capital will be withdrawn from the industry.” The executives further stressed that, because deployment of new fiber networks may require “new investment schemes, including risk sharing models . . . it is crucial to ensure the operators’ ability to manage their networks, instead of imposing strict ‘net neutrality’ or quality of service rules which would further hinder the deployment of these networks.” European Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding, however, rejected these arguments in a speech before summit attendees. Voicing her belief that “regulation taking care of competition always has a positive effect on the economy,” Reding maintained: “times of economic difficulties are thus not a reason to suspend the principles of competition law.”