On August 26, the Ontario Securities Commission releaseda decision refusing to intervene in a case where the TSX allowed a private placement of units of a real estate investment trust without unitholder approval. The application to review the TSX decision was brought by NorthWest Value Partners, which objected to, among other things, the placement proceeding without being put to a vote of unitholders. The placement represented approximately 49% of outstanding units of InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust.

The OSC noted that it was entitled to intervene in cases where (i) the TSX proceeded on an incorrect principle; (ii) the TSX erred in law; (iii) the TSX overlooked material evidence; and (iv) new and compelling evidence was presented to the OSC that was not presented to the TSX. It stated, however, that it would do so "only in the rare case" where an applicant met the "heavy burden of proving such intervention is justified" in accordance with the above principles or some other acceptable ground. In the immediate case, the OSC found that the TSX considered all the relevant information, assessed relevant considerations, followed the appropriate process and carefully articulated its reasons. As such, the application to review the decision was dismissed.

The OSC ruling was released on an expedited basis and full reasons are expected in the near future.