Apparently our privacy is just a faded memory, a right abused by IT giants for their own profit and benefit. They intrude our privacy in order to collect as much information about our personal lives as possible to enhance their advertising targeting. Our personal information represents for them simply a commercial value, not a right that needs to be protected and safeguarded.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise the outcome of an experiment carried out by the High-Tech Bridge company. Six of 50 of the biggest Internet companies – among the six were Facebook, Twitter and Google – have been caught snooping on messages sent across their networks.

Basically, researchers of the Cyber-security company sent unique web address in private messages through firms and then waited to see which companies clicked on the website found in the private messages. During the ten-day operation they found six of the 50 companies opened the link from the message. “We found they were clicking on links that should be known only to the sender and recipient”, said Ilia Kolochenko, High-Tech Bridge chief executive.

The findings show one more time that there are some serious privacy issues that need to be taken into account from the relevant Authorities. A prompt action needs to be taken soon, as we want our privacy back. If it is the price we have to pay for the development of new technologies, probably it is not worth it.