The FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver new second editions have significantly increased the programme obligations placed on contractors (8.3 and, for the detailed test programme, 9.1). The increased detail to be shown includes, for example, logic links and earliest and latest start and finish dates for all activities, float and critical path(s) and, where a programme is revised, for each activity, actual progress to date, any delay to that progress and the effects of the delay on other activities. The supporting report for a revised programme must now include identification of any significant changes to the programme previously submitted and the Contractor’s proposals to overcome the effect of any delays.

The Contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time in the event of concurrent delay is to be assessed in accordance with the rules and procedures stated in the Special Provisions. If none are stated the assessment is “ appropriate taking due regard of all relevant circumstances”.

Force majeure has been rebranded (and renumbered in clause 18) as “Exceptional Events”) and the Contractor is entitled, subject to the requirements of clause 8.6, to an extension of time in respect of delay by a private utility.