Joint Committee of the ESAs final guidelines under revised Wire Transfer Regulation

The Joint Committee of the ESA has published the final guidelines under the revised Wire Transfer Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2015/847) (revised WTR) on the measures that payment service providers (PSPs) should take to detect missing or incomplete information on the payer or the payee, and the procedures they should put in place to manage a transfer of funds lacking the required information (JC/GL/2017/16).

ESA, 22 September 2017


EBA consults on draft amendments to ITS on supervisory disclosure under CRD IV

The EBA has published a consultation paper (EBA/CP/2017/14) on amendments to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 650/2014, which contains implementing technical standards (ITS) on supervisory disclosure under the CRD IV Directive (2013/36/EU). It has also published a press release on the consultation that contains links to proposed revisions to the Annexes to Implementing Regulation (EU) No 650/2014.

EBA 22 September 2017



EU and US sign bilateral agreement on insurance and reinsurance prudential measures

The European Commission has published a statement made jointly with the US announcing that the EU and the US will sign, on 22 September 2017, a bilateral agreement on prudential measures regarding insurance and reinsurance. The Commission has also published a factsheet containing FAQs on the agreement.

European Commission, 22 September 2017



European Commission adopts Delegated Regulations on indirect clearing arrangements under EMIR and MiFIR

The European Commission has adopted two Delegated Regulations setting out regulatory technical standards (RTS) relating to indirect clearing arrangements for OTC derivatives and exchange-traded derivatives (ETDs) under EMIR and MiFIR:

Delegated Regulation (C(2017) 6270 final) amends the EMIR RTS contained in Delegated Regulation (EU) No 149/2013. The RTS in this Delegated Regulation reflect a mandate under Article 4(4) of EMIR.

Delegated Regulation (C(2017) 6268 final) supplements MiFIR. The RTS in this Delegated Regulation reflect a mandate under Article 30(2) of MiFIR to ensure that the requirements under MiFIR remain consistent with those under EMIR.

European Commission, 22 September 2017