The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reportedly confirmed that a sixth infant has died in connection with use of the Nap Nanny® infant recliner. Manufactured by the now defunct Baby Matters, LLC, the Nap Nanny® was first recalled in 2010, after five infant deaths were attributed to the product. In December 2012, CPSC filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, resulting in a June 2013 voluntary recall settlement. Although the Nap Nanny® is no longer sold in stores, CPSC officials have urged consumers who own the recliners to dispose of them immediately and not to purchase them at yard sales or online auction sites. According to CPSC, the products contain defects in the design, warning labels and instructions, and have contributed to at least 92 injuries. Additional details about the 2013 settlement appear in the June 13, 2013, issue of this Report. See CPSC Blogger, May 27, 2014.