The ITC recently announced a new process for the public release of information concerning its final decision on the merits in Section 337 cases. The new procedure will also apply to public release of ITC decisions on whether to review an ALJ Initial Determination. The procedure provides for the disclosure of the ITC’s determination in a notice posted at fed_reg_notices/337/ at 5:00 pm on the due date for the ITC’s determination whether to review an Initial Determination (60 days after service of the Initial Determination on the parties) and on the due date for final disposition on the merits (the published target date for completion of the investigation). According to the new policy, no information concerning these decisions will be released to the public, the parties, or party representatives through any means prior to the posting of the notices on the ITC website. As such, access to information about ITC disposition of a case will be available to the public and the parties at the same time.