The Argentine PTO released the data for patent, design patent, utility model and trademark filings (including oppositions) for 2016, thus providing a basis for comparison with the activity carried out in 2015 as well as earlier years.

The aggregate numbers (totals for patent, design patent, utility model, trademark and trademark opposition filings) show an increase of 8.7%, from 112,512 filings in 2015 to 122,336 in 2016, driven by the particularly high number of trademark applications, both new and renewals. These filings also surpass those of 2012 (106,400), 2013 (100,977), and especially 2014 (97,592).

In the comparison between the 2015 and 2016 filings, a closer look at the various items shows an increase in the overall number of trademark applications (12.8%). The applications for design patents also rose (13.1%), both for new designs (6,2%) and FOR renewals (24.3%). Somewhat more modestly, the applications for utility models also grew (6.8%). 

On the other hand, patent applications decreased 6.7%, and so did the oppositions filed against trademark applications, which fell a striking 11.2%. 

Here follows a table with this data:

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