On 2 March 2018, the Danish Government published a new growth plan for life science aiming at strengthening growth and innovation in Danish life science and establishing Denmark as the leading life science nation in Europe.

The growth plan consists of thirty-six specific initiatives and addresses different challenges and opportunities within the value chain of the Danish life science industry ranging from research and development to commercialisation, authorisation and sale in foreign export markets.

The growth plan focuses on making Denmark an even more attractive place for the life science industry to conduct its research and development activities.  To reach this goal, the growth plan, among others, proposes to increase tax deductions for research and development and review available career paths together with other opportunities for top researches in Denmark. Further, the government wants to invite specific public and private foundations to participate in the creation of so-called Nobel Prize Centres, which shall help promote and acknowledge Danish research at the highest level.

Further, the growth plan focuses on improving the clinical research environment in Denmark. Among others, it proposes the establishment of a national organisation for the promotion of clinical trials in collaboration with the Danish Regions and the life science industry. With a view to strengthening Denmark’s competitive power, the government also wants to exempt commercial sponsors for all fees in phase 1 clinical trials.

The growth plan recognises that in order to provide Danish life science companies with the best possible opportunities to succeed, the administrative procedures, case work and advice of the Danish Medicines Agency (DMA) must be of the highest possible standard. Consequently, the growth plan contains several initiatives aiming at strengthening the DMA nationally and internationally.

Moreover, the growth plan highlights the life science industry’s need for better access to qualified manpower. For example, the growth plan notes that tax incentives for foreign researchers has recently been improved and suggests reviewing the calculation models for the universities’ intake on life science programmes.

You can read the full text of the new growth plan here (in Danish).