In the U.S., recent federal efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing include the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's issuance of an advisory on the serious threat of money laundering, terrorism finance, and proliferation finance emanating from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ("North Korea"). The advisory provides guidance to financial institutions regarding United Nations Security Council Resolutions and warns of North Korea's various deceptive practices.
The Treasury Department also recently designated Colombian nationals Isaac Perez Guberek Ravinovicz and his son, Henry Guberek Grimberg, as well as 29 other individuals and entities, including companies located in Colombia, Panama, and Israel, as Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers. The 31 individuals and entities form a money laundering network responsible for laundering drug money connected to drug trafficking organizations. Separately, the U.S. Attorney indicted four of the designated individuals for their money laundering activities. Treasury Department Press Release.