The Ministry of Home Affairs has made some changes to the Immigration laws in India, which include –

Visa subcategories –

  • There are expected changes to the Electronic business visas which will include visitation for the purposes of business.  
  • Further subcategories are introduced which include:  
    • Foreign nationals who will participate in commercial sports in India under a contract and receive payment (B-sports)  
    • Foreign academics covered under GIAN (B-6)  
    • Foreign nationals who are partners of a business or are directors/functioning as directors of a company (B-7)  
  • Student visas will also expand their subcategories and allow for foreign nationals who enter India for theological studies and missionary students.

Changes to activities –

Additional changes to the immigration laws involve all foreign nationals, other than Pakistani nationals, to enter India on any type and be allowed to undertake the activities that are typically permitted on a tourist visa.

Determining the appropriate subcategory –

During the application process, the applicant is required to select the visa subcategory from the application form drop down list. However if the applicant is unsure of which subcategory they must choose based on their proposed activities, the applicant can apply under the general ‘visa’ category. Once selected, the visa officer will be responsible to determine the appropriate subcategory from the information provided.