Genome Quebec, a private non-profit agency committed to supporting Quebec researchers conduct genomics and proteomics research, has appointed a new executive. Jean-Marc Proulx recently took over as Genome Quebec's President and CEO replacing Paul L'Archevêque who has held the appointment for the last eight years. Proulx's appointment follows his service as Chairman of the agency's Board and he brings 25 years experience in information technology as a software engineer.

This appointed coincides with a new direction for Genomic Quebec, focusing more closely on human health and clinical applications and shifting away from areas such as agriculture and forestry. Genome Quebec is financed jointed by the public and private sectors, its role is to distribute grants to mostly university scientists. Genome Quebec has an annual budget of approximately $75 million, coming from the Federal, Provincial and private sectors. To date, Genome Quebec has assisted financing of more than $500 million in research in genomics. However, one of the first challenges Proulx will face is dealing with an expected $100 million cut in funding for Genome Canada, the agency that oversees federal granting.

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