The UK Government has published a paper entitled "Extending Our Reach: A Comprehensive Approach to Tackling Serious Organised Crime" which outlines a new strategy on tackling organised crime. Proposed reforms to strengthen governance arrangements from the strategic to operational level include:

  • increasing ministerial oversight of serious organised crime through regular Cabinet level discussions;
  • creating a new strategic centre for organised crime within the Home Office, with a remit to drive overall strategy and provide leadership, co-ordination and performance assessment across all the departments and agencies involved; and
  • ensuring greater clarity of roles and responsibilities in relation to investigation and prosecution of fraud cases.

The Government has also stated that it is seeking to strengthen the capabilities of the Financial Action Task Force as part of its new approach and work more closely with it on an international level.

SOCA has stated that it welcomes the Government's strategy and highlights that it endorses many of its own current initiatives, including plans to adopt a collaborative approach to tackling serious organised crime. SOCA Executive Director, David Bolt stated that "[SOCA's] intelligence on organised crime has improved significantly and we have new powers, the effects of which are starting to be felt. At the same time there are new opportunities for criminals, and law enforcement has to keep working to stay ahead".