Dr. Seigal's Cookie Diet recently filed a defamation lawsuit against Kim Kardashian regarding a tweet posted by her which claimed that the Cookie Diet was unhealthy and that Kardashian does not use the Cookie Diet but rather uses QuickTrim, adding "If Dr. Seigal is lying about me being on his diet, what else are they lying about?" Kardashian's tweets came after Dr. Seigal's Cookie Diet linked to an article which named Kardashian as one of many celebrities that had lost weight from use of the Cookie Diet. Dr. Seigal's Cookie Diet claims that they removed the link after receiving a complaint from Kardashian asking that the company remove the link. The Cookie Diet company claimed that Kardashian failed to state that she was a paid endorser of QuickTrim and the company claims QuickTrim provided her with a commercial motivation to post the allegedly defamatory statements and that her comments are likely to have a negative impact on the company.

TIP: Celebrity endorsers giving opinions about products must have a reasonable basis for claims that they make on behalf of advertisers, as well as disclose any material connections the celebrity may have which could have influenced their giving of the opinion. As such, monitor the social media of your celebrity endorsers, since advertisers can be held liable for the statements of their endorsers (although not an allegation in this case), as well as for their failure to disclose their material connection. Obviously, celebrities also can be personally responsible for their activities in this regard.