Among the bills signed by Governor Paterson is S.5000-B/A.8278-B, which will codify in law the currently regulatory authority of the State Insurance Department to disapprove requests from insurance carriers to create specialty drug pricing tiers. Such specialty tiers have been used by health plans in some other states to require patients to pay higher co-payments or co-insurance based on the cost of a drug or the condition for which it is prescribed.

"Throughout my Administration, we have focused on initiating and supporting reforms that improve access, quality and affordability of health care," Governor Paterson said. "This bill, which passed the Legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, will promote these goals for New Yorkers with serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis, certain types of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, hemophilia and psoriasis, who need very expensive drugs to prolong their lives, slow the progression of disease, or maintain functioning and quality of life.

The Governor also signed a bill, S.4057-B/A.7515-B, which will permit proof of a child's enrollment in the school meals program to serve as sufficient documentation of family income for purposes of determining the child's eligibility for Child Health Plus or Medicaid. This legislation seeks to build on New York State's efforts to expand access to health care coverage by making it easier for lower income families to show that their children qualify for Child Health Plus and Medicaid, which may be verified by the Department of Health.

"Protecting New York's children is one of the most important roles that a Governor can play," Governor Paterson said. "Our successful efforts over the last several years to expand the availability of Child Health Plus and streamline Medicaid eligibility demonstrate the strength of the State's commitment to make health care accessible to its youngest residents. I am pleased to approve this legislation, which offers another avenue that can be used in furtherance of this ideal."

In addition, the Governor signed S.2813-C/A.6694-D which establishes the North Country power authority and provides for its powers and duties. This legislation will create a new public benefit corporation, the North Country Power Authority, to provide electricity to about 30,000 customers in a 1,500 square mile area within 24 municipalities in Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties.

"I am pleased to sign this important piece of legislation which should help control energy costs in the North Country," Governor Paterson said. "I commend Senator Aubertine and Assemblywoman Russell for their efforts to reduce electric delivery rates in this region which will serve as a foundation for further economic growth and prosperity."

Governor Paterson signed the following bills into law:

  •  A.6420 / S.3430: Relates to the commission for the blind and the operation of vending facilities.
  •  S.2813-C / A.6694-D: Establishes the North Country power authority and provides for its powers and duties.
  •  S.3603C / A.6391-B: Requires a report by the higher education services corporation.
  •  S.4057-B / A.7515-B: Establishes the Child Health Plus and School Meals Enrollment Coordination Act of 2011.
  •  S.5000-B / A.8278-B: Relates to eliminating cost-sharing, deductibles and co-payments for certain prescription drugs.
  • S.5474 / A.8325: Relates to pilotage rates at Sandy Hook, Sands Point or Execution Rocks.
  •  S.5634 / A.8262: Removes restrictions on designation of officers or employees of subsidiary corporations of the MTA as public officers or public employees.
  •  S.7441C / A.9869-C: Requires hospitals to prepare and distribute a leaflet on how parents can subscribe to the US consumer product safety commission's e-mail subscription lists.
  •  S.7451 / A.10764: Allows child care providers to organize themselves and select representatives for the purposes of discussing with the State the conditions of their employment.
  •  S.7483A / A.10748-A: Enacts the "Hospital Closure Planning Act."
  •  S.7717 / A.10975: Extends the authorization for the County of Herkimer to impose a county recording tax on obligation secured by a mortgage on real property until 2012.
  • S.7753 / A.10888: Relates to local enforcement of bulk storage of petroleum and the collection of fines and penalties.
  •  S.7773-A / A.11268-A: Enacts provisions providing sponsored group personal insurance and allows such insurance to be written by authorized insurers.
  • S.8057 / A.11255: Establishes a two year statute of limitations in seeking relief from a default in exercising an elective share.
  •  S.8083 / A.11376-A: Relates to the determination of adjusted base proportions in special assessing units which are cities for the fiscal year 2011.
  • S.8244 / A.11499: Relates to the license to sell liquors at retail for consumption at 4 North Main Street in the Town of Bainbridge.
  •  S.8361 / A.6138-B: Authorizes the City of New York to sell certain property that cannot be independently developed.
  •  S.8372 / A.8301-C: Provides for temporary surrender of the license of a dentist or pharmacist with a drug or alcohol abuse problem, or such other disposition as determined by the Department of Education.

Governor Paterson vetoed the following bills:

  • A.3233-B / S.6877: Establishes the Independent Office of the Child Advocate; repealer.
  •  S.1103-A / A.5948-A: Provides for persons whose eligibility for medical assistance is terminated to receive written notice in advance and speedy consideration of re-application.
  •  S.3602 / A.2322: Authorizes wineries to engage in custom crush wine production allowing individuals to assist in the production of wine for sale for personal or family use.
  • S.5806C / A.8875-B: Provides for the payment of capital construction aid by the education department to the Randolph Academy union free school district for a certain project.
  •  S.5992 / A 1439-A: Requires certification notice to tenant when rent is paid by human resources administration.
  •  S.6784 / A.9885: Relates to the training of fire officers in cities of one million or more.
  •  S.7137B / A.10248-B: Requires that any plumbing or electrical work on a school building be performed by a licensed master plumber or licensed electrician.
  •  S.7448A / A.10300-A: Relates to exempting qualified religious organizations from fees associated with permits required to display fireworks.
  •  S.7450-A / A.10239-A: Designation of certain officers of the police department of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as detectives.
  •  S.7500 / A.9724-A: Enacts the "State Workforce Injury Reduction Act."
  •  S.7865-A / A.9502-A: Requires a study and report on methods to modernize information collection, retention and dissemination in the State.
  • S.7915 / A.11125: Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms certain transportation contracts of Hamburg central school district.