Granting a motion to dismiss a putative class action in favor of arbitration in Wendrovsky v. Chase Paymentech,No. 12-Civ.-00704 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 15, 2012) (mem. & order), the district court concluded that a contract effectively incorporated by reference another document containing an enforceable arbitration clause among other terms and conditions.  Plaintiffs signed a “Merchant Application and Agreement” that did not itself contain an arbitration clause.  However, a fax cover sheet accompanying that document contained an internet link and indicated that plaintiffs could visit that website “to assess our Terms and Conditions.”  The Merchant Application and Agreement itself expressly referenced the Terms and Conditions and contained an acknowledgement that plaintiffs had received and read them.  Despite plaintiffs’ argument that they never reviewed the Terms and Conditions, the court concluded that the references to “Terms and Conditions” sufficiently placed plaintiffs on notice that a separate document existed, and held that plaintiffs were bound by its provisions.