The Chicago Board of Trade brought and settled disciplinary actions against Ajax Trading, LLC and one of its trader agents for allegedly engaging in disruptive trading activities from September through November 2016. According to CBOT, during this time, the trader purportedly used user-defined spreads to enter orders on both sides of the market to be over-allocated futures with a price better than the prevailing outright market or to be under-allocated futures with a price worse than the prevailing outright market. To resolve his CBOT charges, the trader agreed to pay a fine of US $20,000 and to serve a 15 business day all CME Group exchanges access suspension. (Click here to access CME Group Rule 575.D.) Ajax Trading was also charged with violating just and equitable principles of trades and related violations, but solely on a strict liability basis for the actions of its agent. (Click here to access CME Group Rule 433 – Strict Liability for the Acts of Agents.) Ajax Trading settled its CME Group disciplinary actions by agreeing to disgorge trading profits of approximately US $86,100.