FSA has published feedback on its consultation on capital planning buffers and its new rules. Respondents to the consultation broadly welcomed FSA's initiative to clarify its approach to buffers and to define them as separate from Individual Capital Guidance. Some firms were worried about the increased cost, but FSA thinks firms should already be doing the monitoring that the approach requires. It has clarified it will take into account the nature, size and complexity of a firm's business when deciding whether to set a capital planning buffer (CPB). But it will expect all BIPRU firms to do capital planning analyses whether or not they are subject to a CPB. Its new rules have amended the Glossary, GENPRU and BIPRU from 24 September by introducing new definitions, and adding guidance to relevant rules, mainly to chapter 2.2 of BIPRU.(Source: Policy Statement 10/14: Capital planning buffers: Feedback on CP09/30 and final rules and FSA/2010/42)