Recent developments

Turkish authorities recently banned the export of pharmaceutical products imported into Turkey and placed on the Turkish market. The Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Authority announced the ban in Circular No. 2014/11 on November 20, 2014.

Implications for pharmaceutical companies

In Turkey, pharmaceutical companies generally sell their products through pharmaceutical wholesalers. Some wholesalers, after having purchased imported medicines at government-controlled prices, then re-export the medicines at higher prices, resulting in a shortage in Turkey and reducing patient access to medicines. This practice also presents difficulties for pharmaceutical companies due to varying pricing strategies in different countries.

What the decision says

According to the Circular, the ban is intended to ensure theavailability of medicines in the Turkish market. The Circular further states that the Authority will take all necessary measures to implement the ban, including using the Medicine Tracking System (İlaç Takip Sistemi, "ITS") to detect illegally exported pharmaceutical products.

Actions to consider

Pharmaceutical companies and their Turkish distributors should consider acting proactively and inform the Authority of illegal exports of imported pharmaceutical products to prevent illegal exports by third parties.