French media giant Vivendi targeted France Telecom (FT) in an antitrust complaint filed Monday with the European Commission (EC), claiming that FT’s abuse of its dominant position in the French fixed-line market chokes competition and prevents rivals from investing in next-generation fiber infrastructure. Vivendi owns 56% of SFR, a competitive French telco, which, together with rival provider Iliad, commands a 15% share of the French market. Although it has been eleven years since FT’s fixed-line business was opened to competition, Vivendi CEO Jean Bernard Levy told reporters this week that FT “still has an overwhelming position” with a whopping 85% share of the French telecom market. Explaining his company’s decision to pursue EC antitrust charges, Levy termed the current competitive climate as one “that doesn’t allow us to do our job.” Among other things, Vivendi’s complaint accuses FT of charging rivals inflated prices for “last mile” connections. As EC officials confirmed receipt of the complaint, Levy quipped: “it is, in my view, a pretty basic competition case.”