Sex sells. Or, at least the registry for the new .sex top-level domain name hopes it does. Starting on September 1, 2015, and ending on October 1, 2015, trademark owners with trademarks that have been lodged in the Trademark Clearinghouse can submit applications for <> in the “Sunrise.” For those without brands contained in the Trademark Clearinghouse but with a pre-existing .xxx domain name (yes, the .sex registry is from the same folks who brought us .xxx), a “Sunrise B” period will be offered between October 5 and October 30. Once that window closes, the .sex registry will accept registrations from the general public starting on November 4, 2015. While it is sometimes difficult to determine which new gTLDs a brand owner should purchase defensively, to paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, “You will know it when you see it.”