From now on, it is no longer compulsory to mention the rent, the costs, the charges and the EPC score on real estate signs.

The condition is that (i) there must be a digital search engine available in which this information is clearly and completely processed and (ii) that the real estate sign shows no more than "for rent" and the data of the real estate agent.

Since October 2021, it is no longer compulsory to mention the rent, the costs and the charges on real estate signs for a property for rent.

As a result, a previously introduced exemption to mention the EPC score and the unique code/address of a property can be implemented.

The EPC score exemption already existed before but had remained a dead letter. In order to take advantage of the latter exemption, the real estate sign could only mention that the property was for rent, and the office data of the broker. But, until October 2021, it was still mandatory to mention the rent, the charges and the costs on real estate signs, hence the exemption could not be used. As from now on it is possible.

This does not mean, however that the obligation to mention the EPC score is lifted. Real estate agents still must mention the EPC score on their own website, portal site and every digital property ad.

Should the real estate sign still mention more than only "for rent" and the details of the real estate agent, the EPC score must be mentioned as well.