Being one of the many Chris Evans listeners, I did not hear Roger Harrabin (the BBC environmental analyst) on this morning's "Today" programme on BBC Radio 4. So I was pleased to be referred to it by my partner Christine de Ferrars Green who heard it on her way to the office. What was in Roger's report confirmed my view that there is some level of misunderstanding on what is in the Growth and Infrastructure Bill. The point to draw attention to here is that the Bill does not change the position on how much is paid by developers by way of Community Infrastructure Levy (even where "details change"). The CIL Regulations are being amended to allow for the avoidance of "double charging" where CIL is adopted in an area between the date of grant of an earlier planning permission (which may be burdened by s 106 obligations) and the grant of a subsequent s 73 permission. This change is to correct an error in the original drafting of the CIL Regulations ( during  the term of office of the previous Government).

This illustrates how difficult it is to keep tabs on what the Government is doing by way of changes to the planning system. Quite rightly it sees the need to react to current circumstances, but there is a real risk that they will defeat their own objectives by layering change upon change.