Beginning on September 9, 2013, E-Verify users who directly access the program through employer accounts will encounter an enhanced procedure for navigating the Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC) process. Specifically, the system will provide fewer screens for addressing a TNC, in part by merging the TNC Notification and Referral Letters into one, three-page document known as the Further Action Notice (FAN). This document will require the signatures of both employers and employees and should be retained with the employee’s Form I-9 record. In addition, E-Verify will generate a new Referral Date Confirmation Letter for employees’ use and notify these individuals about the date by which they are required to visit a Social Security Administration (SSA) or U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) office to resolve the TNC. To improve employer familiarity with the update, direct E-Verify users will have the opportunity to access an 11-slide tutorial and complete a Knowledge Check consisting of three questions.

Importantly, employers who access E-Verify via an electronic Form I-9 program with software developed by their organizations or other vendors will have a six-month grace period to assimilate the new enhancements. Thus, such employers may continue to generate the current TNC notice and referral letters for a six-month period.

For additional information about the new E-Verify TNC enhancement, please click here.