In his reply to the Speech from the Throne, Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged the Opposition parties in the House of Commons to support the Speech so the Government can start implementing its five-point plan for a better Canada. “Our principled and focussed plan will strengthen the Canada of tomorrow while delivering real benefits for Canadians today,” the Prime Minister said.

The Throne Speech, titled Strong Leadership. A Better Canada. proposes a long-term agenda that will strengthen the country’s unity, sovereignty and role in the world while making Canada a better place to live for families.

The Government’s core priorities are:

  • Strengthening Canada’s sovereignty and security.
  • Building the economy.
  • Modernizing the federation.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Reclaiming Canada’s safe streets and communities.

Prime Minister Harper also advised the House that the Government will consider passage of the Throne Speech as an endorsement of its agenda. “The Opposition can’t allow it to pass, and then expect to obstruct our core priorities,” said the Prime Minister. To hold the Opposition to account, the Government will make its first piece of legislation for the new session, the Tackling Violent Crime Act, a matter of confidence.