The Belgian Federal Public Service  for Health and the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV) are just a few of the organizations that require certain information from healthcare professionals. A new central administrative platform now simplifies the information exchange.

Until now, the databases of the different competent government bodies (at both the federal and community level) were independent from each other, which led to a high administrative burden for healthcare professionals.

The latest Belgian initiative in the healthcare sector reduces the red tape through the creation of a single database, accessible via the web application UPPAD, “Unique Portal for Professionals for Administrative Data”. Through this unique access point, healthcare providers can consult and modify their data on a single platform. The provider can thus manage their records and submit new applications or modifications more efficiently. Log-in is based on the provider’s personal username and password, token or electronic identity card.

The goal is to smooth the information exchange process between healthcare providers and the different competent authorities. In time, these authorities will also use the platform to automatically exchange data with each other.

In general, Belgium is increasingly keen on reducing the administrative burden for citizens managing their files with various administrative bodies. For example, at the federal level, an initiative has been launched to give everyone an electronic mailbox by 2018 for all official documents, such as pay slips, certificates, etc. Now, by creating UPPAD, the healthcare sector has also taken a logical step  towards an increasingly digitalized world.