The Commission has published a green paper on building a Capital Markets Union (CMU). The CMU project includes certain short-term priority actions, orientated towards:

  • Lowering barriers to accessing capital markets through a review of the current prospectus regime. 
  • Widening the investor base for SMEs by improving credit information on SMEs. 
  • Developing proposals to encourage 'high-quality' securitisation and free up banks’ balance sheets. 
  • Supporting take up of long-term investment funds. 
  • Supporting industry led work to develop European private placement markets.

Read the green paper (PDF)

Read the explanatory press release (PDF)

Two related consultations, reviewing the information required to be provided to investors under the Prospectus Directive, and for “high quality” securitisations have also been published:

Read "Consultation on the Review of the Prospectus Directive"

Read "Public Consultation on Securitisation"