On 4 June 2018, the Council of Ministers filed a draft bill to parliament for the amendment and supplement of the Environmental Protection Act.

The draft bill introduces, among others, changes to the regulation concerning projects in the Black Sea, by giving responsibility to the Minister of Environment and Waters to decide:

  • the necessity of having environmental impact assessments for investment proposals, their extensions or amendments in the Black Sea; or
  • to issue a resolution for such assessments.

Currently, these procedures are overseen by the Director of Regional Inspection of the Environment and Waters who is competent to render the above decisions.

The notification procedure for investment proposals is also updated in the draft bill.

The bill provides that the assignor of an investment proposal must duly notify in writing the competent body and publish its investment proposal on its internet site, or through the mass media or another suitable channel. The competent body will then publish the investment proposal on its internet site and notify in writing the mayor of the respective municipality, region or town hall. The mayor's office is required to publish the investment proposal on the municipality's internet site as well, or display it in a public place.

The draft bill explicitly provides that all procedures started prior to adoption of the bill will be carried out according to the previous regulations.

As of today the draft bill has not been scheduled for first hearing by parliament.

After the first hearing and before the second one, interested parties may file proposals for the amending or supplementing particular provisions.