Counting the Cost of Payroll Cards: Are they Worth it for Employers? Retailers, as well as other employers, have grown to rely on payroll cards to compensate employees who may not have bank accounts. What are the legal risks of paying with payroll cards, and what precautions should retailer employers take? Read all about it!

NLRB takes aim at franchising relationships. The National Labor Relations Board is aggressively finding "joint employer" relationships wherever it can, and the General Counsel has issued an opinion that franchisors may be joint employers with their franchisees, a position that ought to cause concern to retail employers.

An In-Depth Look at the EEOC's New Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination. Do retail employers have to make reasonable accomodations for pregnancy? Maybe so.

NLRB Just Keeps Strikin' Down Those Workplace Rules. Among the latest victims are Hooters, which prohibited insubordination (the horror!) and Kroger, which had a social media policy requiring employees to post disclaimers along with anything that they said about the company. Will the NLRB let employers have any rules?

So many harassment mistakes, so little time. Retail employers make these "dirty dozen" harassment mistakes at their peril. But employees can mess up too, by not reporting the harassment or by not cooperating in the investigation.

Disability accommodation, the EEOC, and the most expensive bag of potato chips ever. Inventory shrinkage at Walgreen's and the $180,000 bag of chips.

ADA Interactive Process: A Quiz for Employers. Are you and your store managers properly handling the "interactive process" under the Americans with Disabilities Act? A lot of employers are not. Take this quiz and find out where you stand.

Grocery Workers Stage Strike – to Bring Back their CEO! If you're getting tired of bad or alarming news, here is a story that will make you all warm and fuzzy again. (And, by the way, after this was published, the CEO made a deal to buy the company, so we have a happy ending, too.)