With President-elect Obama taking a more prominent role in laying out his Administration's agenda and Congress scheduled to reconvene the week of December 8, talk of a new economic stimulus package is gaining momentum. For his part, President-elect Obama has said he would like to sign an economic stimulus bill into law as his first act upon being sworn into the Presidency. While details of such a proposal remain vague, the focus of any stimulus will be job creation. Obama has publicly stated that his goal is to create 2.5 million new jobs within the first two years of his Administration – with a focus on many of those jobs being "green."

A recurring theme of Obama's campaign, green job creation looks to be a focal point in his Administration as he looks to promote renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies as a way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, re-engage America's manufacturing base and re-establish the United States as a global leader in a new low carbon world economy. Green jobs encompass both the new industries that are emerging in the energy and environment fields, such as renewable energy technicians, as well as traditional occupations that are taking a more environmentally sustainable approach.

Among the investment priorities outlined by President-elect Obama which could be part of a "green jobs" stimulus package include wind power, solar power, biofuels, energy infrastructure, advanced vehicles such as plug-in hybrid electrics, advanced manufacturing and weatherization training, low-emission coal plants and other clean energy technologies. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as Congress and President-elect Obama begin to lay out details of their proposed stimulus packages.