Treasury has published the Government's ministerial statement on the Supreme Court judgment in the case of HM Treasury v. Ahmed and Others. The Supreme Court has decided the powers in the Terrorism and Al-Qaida and the Taliban Orders, both made to give effect to UN measures, go beyond the scope of powers under the UN Act. It has ruled that the Terrorism Order and article 3(1)(b) of the Al-Qaida Order will be quashed, but they remain in force until the court decides when to make orders to quash them. So the assets frozen under the orders will remain frozen for the time being. The Government's response will be to fast-track primary legislation to restore the UK's terrorist asset freezing regime as well as regulations under the European Communities Act to ensure the right enforcement procedures are in place to implement fully the EU Regulation in respect of Al-Qaida and the Taliban. (Source: Financial Sanctions Notice, Written Ministerial Statement and Her Majesty's Treasury (Respondent) v. Mohammed Jabar Ahmed and Others (FC) (Appellants); Her Majesty's Treasury (Respondent) v. Mohammed al-Ghabra (FC) (Appellant); R (on the application of Hani El Sayed Sabaei Youssef)(Respondent) v. Her Majesty's Treasury (Appellant) [2010] UKSC 2)