Now that the craze has effectively become a way of life, it’s a good thing famed French pastry chef Dominique Ansel has trademarked his widely loved, often imitated yet never duplicated croissant-donut hybrid.

The Cronut™ was officially granted trademark protection from the USPTO on January 14, 2014 in International Class 30 (the staple foods category, which includes breads, pastries and confectionaries).  This new registration will provide enhanced benefits and protections to Chef Ansel, including a broader geographical scope of protection and international deterrence of copycatters, the right to sue infringers in federal court and recover maximum monetary damages he would otherwise be ineligible for, and ultimately, the right to apply for incontestability status.  And good thing, too – to date, the Cronut™ has seen impersonators not just domestically, but as far off as Spain, Australia and the Philippines.

So, Cronut™ fans, it’s a day to celebrate: set your alarm clocks nice and early to wait in line tomorrow for your deliciously sweet, newly-trademarked treats.