On 4 August 2011, the Competition Commission (“CC”) published its provisional findings on tacit co-ordination as part of its market investigation into the supply of local bus services for consultation. The CC has not found evidence that would clearly establish the existence of tacit co-ordination in the provision of local bus services. It has provisionally concluded that tacit co-ordination cannot be said to be a feature of local markets nor that it gives rise to an adverse effect on competition. However, the CC found that the conditions for co-ordination are met and it has observed that some operators have occasionally tried to co-ordinate. It has not been able to dismiss the possibility that operators in some local areas may have achieved, or may in the future achieve, a tacit understanding to refrain from head-to-head competition. The CC therefore considers that there seems every reason to be concerned about the potential for tacit co-ordination and invites comments on these supplementary provisional findings by 25 August 2011. Read more