Law No. 28/2016, August 23, published today, amends the Labor Code, the legal framework for the promotion of safety and health at work, and the legal regime of exercise and licensing of private placement agencies and of temporary employment agencies. 

These amendments extend the liability of the employers in the matters referred therein, in the areas of temporary employment, occasional assignment and provision of services in the beneficiary’s facilities. Namely, the beneficiary has no longer the sole subsidiary responsibility for the labor credits. The temporary employment agency and its administrators, directors and managers, as well as those of the beneficiary, and companies with reciprocal corporate interests, in a controlling relationship, or affiliated companies (of both the temporary employment agency and the beneficiary) will now on also be responsible for those credits.

These entities are not only jointly liable for the labor credits, which concern the first 12 months of work, but also for the other credits without any temporal restriction, for the correspondent social contributions, and for payment of the respective fines. The law comes into force on September 22, 2016.