Kim Kardashian did it last year, Mariah Carey has done the same in January... many of us are taking a step away from social media platforms to recharge in the new year... even if we do not have the same reasons as our celebrity pals! Kardashian stopped her prolific posting after her hold up in Paris for safety reasons. Carey has apparently gone off to avoid seeing viral videos of her disastrous New Year’s performance.

Many social media users who have spent too much time in 2016 on Facebook or Insta vow that 2017 will be different and go offline for January. Whatever the reason for your social media “blackout” just consider the fact that you should probably change a few settings before you go so that you are notified if there are any activities on your account that could compromise you in any way. If you are tagged in an unsavoury Christmas picture and you do not know about it, the damage may have been done before you revive your social media status. It is your account and therefore your responsibility and a social media “detox” may not be a good enough excuse to explain away an embarrassing post.

There is nothing wrong with stepping away from your social media accounts and it is probably good to have a break every now and again, however, your presence on social media may not have disappeared because you have!