Writing to President Obama last Friday, four members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (a.k.a., the deficit reduction “supercommittee”) recommended the repurposing of additional federal government spectrum below 3 GHz for commercial wireless broadband use, arguing that auctions of reallocated government spectrum “would generate tens of billions of dollars in auction proceeds, help the Select Committee meet its deficit reduction goals . . . and ensure that America continues to lead the world in wireless broadband innovation.” Signers of the letter include House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI), Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), Senate Communications Subcommittee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA), and Senator Patrick Toomey (R-PA). While voicing support for incentive auctions of broadcast television channels that would boost the supply of spectrum needed for wireless broadband use, the lawmakers cautioned Obama that such auctions “will not produce all the spectrum we need to meet our country’s growing demand for broadband.” Accordingly, the lawmakers urged Obama and the Office of Management and Budget “to re-examine and consider expanding a proposal in your FY 2012 Budget . . . to make more efficient use of federal government spectrum and reallocate some of it for commercial broadband use.” Such reallocation, added the lawmakers, should consist of “paired, internationally-harmonized spectrum below 3 GHz in sufficient block sizes to support mobile broadband services within the next ten years.” The lawmakers’ proposal would also build upon provisions of the American Jobs Act of 2011 that envision the reallocation and auction of various federal government channels. Asserting that “access to repurposed federal spectrum below 3 GHz will greatly enhance the [U.S.] wireless industry’s ability to continue to lead the world in wireless broadband deployment,” Steve Largent, the president of wireless association CTIA, proclaimed: “we look forward to continuing to work with Congress and the Administration to ensure America’s continued leadership in this area.”