On 28 January 2009, the European Commission (Commission) announced that it had imposed a total of €131.5m in fines on five corporate groups for their participation in a global, twenty-year cartel affecting the market for marine hoses used largely for the transportation of crude oil. The Commission uncovered the cartel from a whistleblower, Yokohama, who provided information about the cartel in exchange for leniency on fines. Following up on this tip, the Commission and national authorities in various jurisdictions conducted surprise inspections on the premises (and one private home) of the companies concerned. According to the Commission, they found evidence of price fixing, bid rigging, market sharing and exchange of confidential information. The companies penalised by the Commission's recent decision include Bridgestone, Dunlop Oil & Marine/Continental, Trelleborg, Parker ITR and Manuli. It remains to be seen if the companies concerned will appeal against the finding.