The ITCTLA held its annual meeting on November 12, 2015 in the main Commission hearing room. Opening remarks by Chairman Hon. Meredith Broadbent were followed by a presentation by Dax Terrill, Senior Attorney-Advisor, IPR Branch of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”). Mr. Terrill reported that the issuance of a new inter partes proceeding to replace the current ex parte process to issue CBP’s exclusion order-based rulings is expected soon. Other highlights of the meeting included a presentation by Juliana Cofrancesco, Attorney Advisor for Chairman Broadbent, on Section 337 trends. Ms. Cofrancesco noted that the total number of investigations for fiscal year 2015 was eighty-eight (88), with fifty (50) completed investigations, down from the high of one hundred twenty-nine (129) total investigations in 2011. Since October 1st, ten (10) new complaints have already been filed in FY 2016, in which there currently are forty two (42) active matters. The Commission successfully reduced the time to target date for completed investigations to 15.6 months in FY 2015, down from 19.7 months in FY 2014. Fifty-nine (59) percent of the investigations were terminated by settlement or consent order in FY 2015, and a violation was found in sixty-four (64) percent of those investigations that proceeded to a final determination. Since 2010, the Commission has delegated fact finding to the Administrative Law Judge on the public interest in fifty-one investigations. In a Q&A panel with Chief Judge Bullock and Judges Pender, Shaw, and Lord, one of the resounding messages from the ALJs was to file manageable cases by not asserting too many patents and claims. The Judges also are receptive to receiving focused motions for summary determination on dispositive issues, particularly Judge Lord, who advised that she sometimes triggers parties to file them. A copy of the Commission’s Section 337 Mediation Program Sixth Update, Publication No. 4579 (November 2015) was distributed at the meeting.