On June 7, 2007, prompted by tests showing elevated lead levels in older homes in several Ontario municipalities, the province announced a series of measures to address lead in tap water.

In particular, a new regulation has been issued under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002: the Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries Regulation (O. Reg. 243/07). This imposes more stringent requirements on schools and daycares to flush their plumbing and to test for lead.

Moreover, amendments have been made to the Drinking Water System Regulation (O. Reg. 170/03) to implement a Mandatory Community Lead Testing Program, which requires the owners and operators of municipal and non-municipal residential drinking water systems to perform at-the-tap lead testing twice a year. If the tests indicate lead problems, the owner and the operator of the system would be required to follow the directions of the local Medical Officer of Health. In the case of large municipal residential systems, the municipality would also be required to develop a corrosion control plan to reduce the leaching of lead from the distribution system and from plumbing connected to the distribution system.

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