Stay vigilant! COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus) has health care experts around the world scrambling. Recently being named a “pandemic” by the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 has caused global concern for health and well-being due to its rapid spread throughout many countries, including The United States.

As a confirmed pandemic and worldwide health scare, situations like this create the perfect opportunity for scammers and fraudsters to prey. Unfortunately, during this global health care concern, we have seen an uptick in hackers using COVID-19 to execute scams and frauds in the name of providing information or products to ward off the risk of contracting COVID-19 or seek information from online users. It has become so widespread that Attorney Generals around the country are issuing warnings to consumers to be wary and protect themselves against frauds related to coronavirus.

Fake social media posts and online articles, as well as, phishing emails and smishing SMS texts with malicious links are being used to obtain personal information from individuals, to obtain login credentials and to attempt to implant malware onto unsuspecting users’ computers or network systems.

Consumers and businesses alike should not provide any personal information, login credentials or monetary payments through any email or SMS text mechanisms invoking COVID-19 panic. As we all remain on high alert for COVID-19 please be extra cautious in the online world as well for these types of fraud.