At a meeting in April 2007 in Doha, the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) decided to establish a group of experts to study how to reinforce their alliance. This follows declarations by certain large gas exporters, such as Russia and Qatar, and holders of large gas reserves, such as Iran and Venezuela, to create a gas-OPEC. The study group will focus on pricing, infrastructure and relationships between producers and consumers. Nevertheless, European experts stress that the project is unlikely to succeed. In contrast to oil, gas is not sold through trading but under contracts that allow buyers to control prices on a long-term basis (15-25 years). GECF also remains an unstable group with no concrete achievements as yet. However, the EU remains concerned as it increasingly depends on gas imports (40 per cent of its needs today and 70 per cent by 2030), especially from Russia which supplies 32 per cent of the EU’s needs. Experts have therefore backed the call from Mr Barroso, President of the European Commission, for a common European energy strategy.