Green Goods Production Boom

The International Institute for Sustainable Development, the International Institute for Environment and Development, the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade, Environment and Trade in a World of Interdependence, and the Sustainable Trade Initiative released a report January 31 finding that the production of commodities grown according to green sustainability standards is booming. The “State of Sustainability Initiatives Review 2014” concluded that some goods have significantly penetrated a number of key crop markets, though actual sales have not grown as rapidly as production.

Storm Surge Damages Costly

According to a study published February 6 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, global average storm surge damages could increase from $10-$40 billion per year today to up to $100 trillion per year, more than the world’s current Gross Domestic Product, by the end of the century in coastal regions. The authors conclude that timely investments in coastal protection could reduce the cost by more than 99.9 percent.